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Gala Venus Fendeca (s)
Gala Decarli fendeca (s) is a mutation of Gala discovered by Decarli Alberto (South Tirol).

Overcolour: red intensive and lightly striped; the colour is striped at the beginning and uniform at maturity. The colour covers nearly the total surface of fruits. Nevertheless the colour is very intensive Gala Decarly fendeca (s) remains a typical Gala due to very pronounced lenticels and presence of the Gala typical silverfilm.
The precentage of overcolour is good also in areas with difficulty of colouration and on the interior part of the tree. The colour comes very early (mid of July).

Gala Decarli fendeca (s) differs for its excellent stability. We don`t note reversion, wich is normally present on Gala.
Colouring of fruits is uniform and stable. Taste and firmness of fruits are better than on other Gala clones.
Other characteristics like tree, vigour, bloom, production are similar to Gala.


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