Tree nursery Werth

founded in 1978

The tree nursery Werth was founded in 1978 by Werth Karl. For the production of fruit trees the location of the Valle d’Adige in South Tyrol was chosen. Due to the yearly increase of production, in 1991 the business was transferred to Chioggia in an area free from orcharding. The fertile plain of the Po offers the best premises for the production of ideal fruit trees.

In 2004 the son Werth Lukas entered the business, which was enlarged accordingly. The production, the organisation, and the sale of apple trees is now managed jointly.

First class apple trees

for the acquisitive orcharding

The main goal of the tree nursery Werth is the production of first class apple trees for the acquisitive orcharding. In 2003 cherry tree breeding was taken up. The young trees are bred on an area of 20 hectares, and it is our ambition to carry out or to follow each single operation personally. Only thank to a high quality was it possible to keep up a good customer base and a perfect cooperation in all these years.

Best premises for the production of ideal fruit trees

Selected grafts

from Feno srl

For the breeding of the young trees only first class virus-free rootstocks and severely selected grafts are used, in order to guarantee our customers a high performance and true-breeding plants. The grafts are obtained from Feno srl, who produce them in their own pruning nursery and partly obtain them from recognized European institutes.

High performance and true-breeding plants

Since more than 50 years, my life rotates around the trees. I’m proud I can pass on a lot of experience, knowledge and quality awareness to the next generation. The customer still comes first. Further development and constant reorientation are certainly also keys to our success.

Karl Werth

Already as a child, I felt the love for everything that belongs to landscape.
To face the big challenges every day and to keep developing in this exciting market is a lot of fun and makes me confident of a promising future.

Lukas Werth

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