The Guyot system represents a tree with one leader, bent horizontal, similar to the viticulture training systems. At its delivery, the leader is already bent to a certain angel and can be easily bent and tied into a horizontal position. Furthermore, the leader has branches only on one side getting stronger toward the end of the leader, in order to counteract the natural tendency of the tree to produce stronger branches at the beginning of the bent leader.


  • Missing lower branches - perfect to create narrower fruiting walls
  • Very good and uniform colouration of the fruit
  • Well-spaced fruiting wall which dries quickly 
  • Pedestrian orchard (without platforms)
  • Suitable for mechanization of pruning, thinning and harvest
  • Reduced spray drift - appropriate for sensible zones
  • Applicable in steep terrains.

Based on the orchards fertility, the variety and the growth of the tree, the recommended distance between the rows is varying from 1,5 m to 2,2 m, while the within-row spacing should range from 1 m to 1,3 m. The maximum tree height is between 2,2 m and 2,5 m.

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